Course Authoring Services

Our expert Technical Teams will work with you to develop and author your Course modules more interactive as compared to traditional learning systems We will help you choose the right Authoring tools to support online learning. Authoring tools let you include graphics, animation, and video and audio clips in your course content. Authoring tools include items such as page templates, quizzes, games and simulations. Once the new elearning course is completed, the author has several choices regarding the delivery of the content. It can be uploaded to the organization's LMS or it can be copied onto a DVD for distribution. You can also easily include questions and other types of interaction, and easily link learners to appropriate material based on their questions.

Advantages of using Authoring tools...

  • Shorter learning curve for the software.

  • Rapid development is made possible by the comprehensive amount of features included in the system.

  • No Scripting, HTML or java code needs to be written to publish the presentation to a web page. This reduces burden on Instructors for Course creation.