Learnguild gLearn - the environment for Group Learning

What is gLearn

Learnguild gLearn provides a new approach by using a collaborative learning environment for LMS users.

Collaborative learning is necessary to improve the participatory culture in learning environment.

Learnguild employs information and communication technologies to modify the learning landscape by allowing users to participate and contribute within their formal learning environments....

Learnguild gLearn provides the following Collaborative tools:

  • Discussion Forums: We offer forums to help learners obtain information and clarify their ambiguities by posting their questions or views. Using these forums, learners can discuss particular topic and gain knowledge by sharing their opinions. This allows learners to communicate with each other on different subjects.
  • Blogs: Users can post blogs in our LMS to share their view on any subject matter. Instructors can circulate course updates and information by using blogs and learners subscribe to a blog for knowledge transfer. Users can share their comments or views on blogs.
  • Social Media: We have integrated social media collaborative tools like Facebook and Twitter into our LMS to cater to learners’ preferences for the medium. Learners can share videos, documents, pages, blogs and views on relevant concepts. Instructors create groups in the social media and learners can join...

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