Our LMS provides organizations with a single comprehensive web-based platform to deliver, track and manage all your organization's learning programs.

It is designed for your most valuable assets – your people. It combines ease-of-use with rich functionality to address all your organizational needs. It helps organizations of all sizes increase employee engagement, productivity and alignment with the organization’s business goals.


Our LMS unique design enables organizations to offer consistent quality training beyond the enterprise.

Fundamental to the design of LMS is the notion that the current crop of Learning Management Systems (LMS) are not catering to the needs of organizations to extend learning and training beyond the enterprise. Specifically, companies are not being adequately served when it comes to addressing the learning needs of their customers, partners, suppliers and distributors. In addition, training and consulting companies have no comprehensive externally facing end-to-end solution that can handle their unique needs. Our LMS addresses these issues by:

  • Providing the ability to create an unlimited number of branded portals to enhance your external client’s experience.

  • Built-in roles and authentication module allows you to provide your client’s learning administrators access to the LMS’s features and functions for supporting their users.

  • Powerful and easy to use reporting features allows administrators to capture and report on every user activity and export those reports or view them on-line on secure portal pages.

  • Efficiently and effectively manage users belonging to different corporate organizations assigned to different groups accessing multiple branded portals.

  • Create customized blended learning curricula offering different learning paths that converge upon a single level of competency needed for professional certification or regulatory compliance.

  • LMS allows you to easily transform your training content into multiple revenue channels by allowing you to offer different subscription, discounting and content bundling plans to different market segments.


For academic institutions we offer a comprehensive education platform tailored to your learning organization.

Our LMS’s focus on blended learning delivery solutions as well as curricula based personal learning paths ensure that your students are engaged as well as informed. An easy to use administration module means that your instructors and administrators spend more time focusing on educational needs and less time on technical and administrative issues associated with managing an IT system.

  • The assessment and testing module provides a centralized repository of questions that can be catalogued by organization. Our assessment randomizing features include the randomizing of questions, randomizing of question banks, partial selection of a limited number of questions from a larger pool of questions, as well as the randomization of each question’s possible answers.

  • Using a built-in portal editor you are able to create unique online identities for your individual colleges, as well as degree programs.

  • The communication module offers administrators an easy way to communicate with individual students as they embark on their learning path. In addition, targeted communication can be delivered to specific groups of students enrolled in particular learning curricula and programs.

  • Our portfolio resource module enables educators to easily share and make available course reading materials to their students. Each portfolio resource is shared across multiple curricula enabling administrators to easily manage versions and updates.

  • Instructors and administrators have an easy way to manage course enrollments either in batches or through self-registration and enrollment by the students themselves