ProCollege– the Learning Management System for Colleges and Universities

The complete Learning Management Solution

ProCollege from LearnGuild is your complete Learning Management System (LMS) for tracking and organising all of your face to face training and e-learning needs.

Navigating a Course Site

An LMS provides a central hub through which you can access the courses you are enrolled in during any given academic term or semester. Each system is a little different, but most online courses will include the following basic components:

Content presentation:

Courses are typically made up of a series of modules, units, or lessons, which occur in a specific sequence. These may mirror the weeks of the course, for example, an 8-week course may have 8 modules. Each module includes a collection of materials, such as text-based instructions, video presentations, interactive exercises, reading lists, etc.

Communication tools:

From email and chat forums to real-time virtual meeting rooms, the LMS provides ways for classmates and instructors to connect, work together, and exchange information during a course.

Assignment submission:

Every course has its own assignments, but most involve either uploading a file (e.g., research paper) or completing a quiz/exam. The course syllabus and introductory units in each course usually provide additional instructions and expectations for each assignment.

Discussion forums:

A staple of online courses, discussion boards allow everyone to contribute and respond, at a time of their choosing, to an ongoing conversation. The instructor provides guidance and prompts for students to respond to within a specified time frame. You’ll need to log in and check these forums periodically each week to see what has been added and to help continue the discussion. ProCollege doesn’t just host courses;each College LMS can be tailor made with optional tabs to deliver a whole host of additional benefits to your company depending on size and structure.

It’s difficult to imagine how a system works just with words and pictures, so we invite you to try a demo either online via a video conference, or at a place of your choosing. By telling us more about your needs we can tailor your demonstration to make the most of your precious time. To book a demo, or if you’d like more information about a particular function before taking the next step, call us at 1-800-LEARNGD or email and we will call you back.