LearnGuild Corporate Training LMS

If your corporate environment requires robust functionality, ease of use and exceptional customer service, LearnGuild LMS is the perfect answer. With LearnGuild, you can start small and enhance or add programs as needed. LearnGuild delivers usability that scales from simple startup learning programs to enterprise-wide systems serving diverse corporate learning requirements. LearnGuild is flexible. LearnGuild is the only LMS and Content Authoring tool on the market backed by industry leading customer support. Utilized with great success by mid-sized to Fortune 1000 companies, LearnGuild enables clients to start small and, if required, evolve their learning program into an enterprise system.


  • Instructor led

  • Online

  • On-the-job

  • External Delivery

  • Collaborative environment

  • Web conferencing


LearnGuild CORPORATE Support

LearnGuild CORPORATE includes the full weight of the our support infrastructure. We pride ourselves in providing customer support which reaches beyond our clients expectations. The success of your learning program depends on a reliable relationship between your company and the vendors of the tools you apply towards human capital development. We are committed to making this relationship expedient, advantageous and rewarding to your company.