The LearnGuild ProPayilvi LMS

LearnGuild’s comprehensive online program management solutions maximize your flexibility and control in fulfilling your e-learning vision. While other providers offer a “one-size-fits-all” solution, LearnGuild offers fully customizable solutions that address the unique vision, needs and timelines of your institution, solutions.


  • Colleges and Universities are empowered by ProPayilvi to deliver online courses and augment on-campus courses.

  • Corporates use ProPayilvi to render professional training programs to learners and employees.

  • ProPayilvi has simple user interface, Social Learning, 3-tiered architecture, and easy Customizability.

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ProPayilvi acts as the nucleus of your learning environment:

  • Helps employees,clients and associates.

  • Quick use and share of resources.

  • Makes learning ubiquituous.


Gains with ProPayilvi:

  • Highly intuitive for learners

  • Easy to manage and reliable for administrators

  • Incredibly cost-effective for executives