ProSchool LMS

ProSchool is an LMS specifically created for K-12 schools.


  • Simple to use and easy interface for young students to work with.

  • It includes a reward system to help encourage younger learners to succeed in their work.

  • The system is hosted in the cloud, allowing students and teachers access from home or school.

  • ProSchool makes the process of creating courses, activities and quizzes easy for teachers, saving valuable time, and helps to engage parents in their children's learning.

ProSchool will create a site tailored to your school’s specific needs and designed with ease-of-use in mind. With a range of design templates to choose from and the ability to be accessed from anywhere with a web connection, ProSchool is perfect even for technophobes. Our service offers you continuous support, where we evolve our core platform ProLMS to match your schools' needs.


We evaluate the latest learning technologies, collaborating with specialists and teachers to improve your experience. We provide the option to customize the theme of your school LMS to present you with a sleek, tailored and flexible system.