Consultancy - Strategy, Tools and Technologies

We work in partnership with our clients to develop strategic approaches to e-learning and performance improvement.

Our consulting services include:

  • Developing and refining your e-learning strategy and delivery mode

  • Developing a rapid e-learning approach
  • Selecting the right authoring tools, and training your team in making the most of them

  • Selecting a Learning Management System

  • Configuration, administration and training for our LMS product range.

  • Developing and sustaining learning communities

  • Selecting and use virtual classroom tools, setting up communities of practice and training in collaborative learning techniques

  • Evaluating the impact of your learning approaches

  • LearnGuild continues to expand, enabling more innovative ways to interact with learners. The difference with LearnGuild is our expertise and experience in online learning design and commitment to providing our clients with practical advice specific to their needs. Whether your organization needs a competency-based solution to get your employees ready for the next new process, or your distributed learners need to build skills and attitudes around a specific subject area through collaborative online methods, LearnGuild can identify and create solutions to meet your needs. We are experts with industry standard authoring tools such as the Adobe eLearning Suite, Lectora and Articulate. We’ve also developed our own processes, as designing for re-use and accessibility are underlying principles of LearnGuild’s approach.

    Making it sustainable

    We strive to make sure content can be readily updated by either our team or your team without having to completely redevelop the solution. Our design and production methods focus on content and media presentation remain separate so that minor updates, especially for subjects that often change, such as legislation, do not rely on multimedia or programming experts. Client organizations and partners can re-use our media in different contexts again and again, bringing a greater return on investment. Apart from authoring software, we are experts in other technologies widely used in e-learning environments. Our management team has played a leading role in the dramatic rise of innovations such as LearnGuild Networks, a model for e-learning syndication across multiple platforms.